Getting Your Documents Together for a Move to San Antonio

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Documents for MovingMoving either nearby or nationwide takes a lot of planning and organization, and many people forget to round up the correct documents in advance. Below is a short reference plan for the various important records that you'll want regardless of whether moving local or orchestrating a long-distance move to San Antonio.

Let's face it, it's not as if you must have a passport and a work visa to relocate across the state line, but once you've gotten all your life records together to go over the border those are roughly the only important documents you won't need. And how our minds operate, you would be ready to need all of this documentation for a cross-country move, however if your move is geographically nearby--from Memphis just beyond the river to a Mississippi or Arkansas suburb, as an illustration, it may come as a shock that you must have all those documents.

Below are records you will most likely want to keep convenient while moving, and the way to obtain them should they have expired or perhaps you have lost them.

Driver's License

Despite the fact that driver's licenses are not good for federal identity much longer, you'll still must have a active one--you ought to have it at any rate, but in the case it expired a few weeks or a long time in the past and you thought since you're moving why take the time, go bother. If you must sign in at the airport, reserve a vehicle, open a bank account, or do life generally, you need a current license to do so. In case you are in a state in which you cannot get a license through the neighborhood Tag Agency same day, ask for a paper version of your new license to make use of ahead of the printed version showing up in the mail; this is acceptable identification for about three weeks.


If you're moving for a new job, odds are pretty good that you'll need to document US citizenship before starting. You can renew it by mail if you fulfill certain criteria--your name hasn't changed, your previous one had been issued no more than fifteen years in the past, that you were a minimum of 16 during the time, along with others--however if not, you'll have to apply for a new one in person. You can request an expedited passport if necessary but be ready to spend an extra $60 or so.

Birth Certificate(s)

You will want a copy for everyone within your household for your move to San Antonio. If you can't place your hands upon the originals and you are now living in the area or parish whereby they were all supplied, a simple journey to the county offices will take care of it. If perhaps you were born in another place, apply for the copy from that location. Every place is different, therefore take a crack at an internet investigation for the county records the place you were born to obtain the exact details to get a certified copy of your certificate of a birth. There is usually a minimal charge involved.

Marriage License

Should you need a reproduction, follow the very same technique you would for the birth certificate. A family Bible or even certificate from the religious organization will not be a suitable legal document.

Social Security Card(s)

Everybody in your family will need to have a social security number in addition to a card; if you can't place your hands on them you're going to need to get replacements as quickly as possible. You can start the job online, and mail in the supporting files, or alternatively you could proceed to the closest Social Security Administration office with the papers. Copies--even notarized ones--won't be adequate. You need to have photo identification and verification of citizenship, therefore take an up-to-date driver's license or passport, school, employee, or armed forces ID card, or a medical insurance card.

Automobile Registration

You'll have to register your automobiles in the new community and state, consequently bring your current registration cards along with verification of insurance protection to the nearby BMV as soon as possible after your move to San Antonio. Within a new state you'll get a whole new license plate and tag; if your move was within the same state your current license plate and tag are acceptable, but your insurance premiums might change.

Medical and Shot Documents

If you have children, their new schools will require proof of immunization prior to enrollment. Possessing duplicates of all household medical records helps when you have initial consultations with new physicians.

Gather your records together as rapidly as you can ahead of your move to San Antonio and keep them together. Given that you may need original copies of many items, just place all the things within a file folder and keep it with you or in a safe place over the actual move--this is one thing you don't want to lose.

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