Hacks for Making Moving to San Antonio Less Overwhelming

make moving less miserableBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

With over 4 decades in the moving business, we have spoken with a large number of people who are moving, and we have compiled their favorite hacks to make moving to San Antonio less mind-boggling. We understand that every move includes its own set of issues and difficulties, nevertheless we've come up with a list of items, tools and techniques which have made the process much less overwhelming.

As well as using the suggested items below, we have learned that staying with a simple methodology is beneficial no matter where you are moving or what you are moving. To commence with, sell or give away whatever that is an inconvenience (or particularly costly) to relocate, like household decor or large appliances. Whatever you keep, pack with care and attention-it calls for time to locate reliable and purposeful things. Moving is costly and also demanding, and we have all made use of whatever no cost or economical items function great for moving replaceable items, but safeguards for the belongings that matter warrants putting out some cash. And in case it is inside of your finances to do so, making use of professional movers in San Antonio is almost always well worth the cost: Your back (and your buddies) are going to thank you.

Have ample amounts of permanent markers on hand

You need to label each box, container, or bag so you distinguish what is what during the move, and the most efficient approach to achieve that is to have ample permanent markers easily obtainable. They are economical markers, so don't be reluctant to go crazy. Have a minumum of one for every person assisting with the packing in addition to one per room. Using this method nobody is likely to “label it later” or to tag not enough of the boxes’ sides to save ink, and you are more prone to have large, readable labels which tell you “hand towels, bath things, toiletries”-or at a minimum “bathroom”-rather than a stack of mystery cartons to decipher as soon as you arrive at your new home in San Antonio.

Close up boxes quicker using a tape gun

Select a great tape gun for more effective, heavy-duty packing and moving.

And speaking of tape.....don't purchase the cheap stuff

Get hold of quality packing tape. Here is what one particular customer documented following getting bargain-priced tape, "It was a complete freaking headache. The tape was flimsy and would regularly tear down the middle, so I invested more time searching for the leading edge of the tape than I did packing."

Begin the process of keeping your egg cartons now

Put jewelry and additional small items into empty egg cartons, so it doesn't get tangled. Just tape it shut right after you are done and strive to store it upright during the move.

Color code your cartons

Take advantage of colored duct tape to keep your cartons organized. Designate a unique color for every room or living area, and be sure to put together a key that you can hang up at your new home so that the movers know which room the container goes to!

Make use of your smartphone

Snap a picture of the back of your TV and other electronic gadgets. That way, you understand specifically which wires go where when you find yourself setting up in the new place!

Give liquids a wrap

To circumvent spills mid-move, uncap all household liquids - anything from toiletries to cleaning products - then cover up the top with transparent plastic wrap, and securely reseal the cap. And, make sure to talk to your movers regarding what fluids can go on the moving van and which items you will want to transport yourself.

Corral cables with toilet paper rolls

One method to reduce the chaotic mess of extension cords is to wind every cord up in a 6-inch coil, and insert each inside its individual toilet paper roll. You will have lots more room in the container, without any snarled mess to unpack later on. Just remember to clearly label the box!

Think ahead

Place crucial kitchen appliances (like your coffee maker) in a laundry basket so that you can place them on your kitchen counter without delay in your new house in San Antonio.

Unpack employing a box cutter and also gloves

Packing is only 50 percent of the mission-at the other end of the road, you will be unpacking everything. A high quality box cutter, also recognized as utility knife, makes opening and breaking down numerous boxes much quicker and simpler. And a pair of light work gloves is going to preserve your hands from the chafing, drying effects of coming in contact with all that cardboard; gloves composed of breathable cloth, with grippy, rubbery fingers and palms, are perfect.

For some additional tips on how to organize an interstate move, click HERE to read a post from our friends at Apartment List. 

And as soon as all of the moving chores are all done.....take a deep breath and give yourself a bit of "me time". Watch a movie, order some pizza, or do whatever you need to chill out following a long day of hard work.

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