Moving--It's A Family Affair

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving is really a family affair. Even so, even though you are the adult doesn't mean you have to do all the coordinating and packing on your own. Even if you are getting a professional moving company in San Antonio, everyone in the household has a job to perform when you are moving. Explain that you do not expect them to load the moving van, however that there are numerous possibilities they're able to pitch in and assist--below are some age-appropriate possibilities they could do exactly that.

Small Children

Toddlers and preschoolers aren't a lot of help, but they're so fantastically entertained through empty cartons, rolls of tape, and bubble wrap that you really don't mind. Offer a four-year-old free rein with packing materials and you could blow through their belongings prior to them getting uninterested and commence consuming the packing peanuts. Seriously, give your littlest children a box and some tape and go to work. Inquire which toys and games they want to donate to pals or share with other youngsters they don't know--it's a little thing that helps them feel as though they've got a bit of say in the process.

Elementary Age

When you have kids in this age group, they're in the perfect spot--old enough to be helpful, however, not so old that they have strong points of view. Here are a few jobs a 3rd grader can easily achieve.

· Go through their things and select items to donate.

· Put boxes together, arrange packing materials, put color-coded labels on boxes.

· Put giveaway items in bags and cartons.

· Help empty closets and also drawers to get ready for the professional movers.

This is a good age group to discuss giving gently used games and toys to charitable groups, and to discuss the reason why you choose the ones you do. When the non-profit you choose posesses a thrift retail outlet, take your children in and allow them to observe precisely what it looks like.

Junior High School

Pre-teens and teenagers are in theory capable of genuinely pitching in, but it may take some creativity to make that occur. These kids are departing from pals, sports activities, and school, and may be more interested in small-time sabotage rather than really getting in the groove and packing up the basement. If you need to use bribery to get them on board, it's sort of a little price to pay.

· Offer to let them to select the color and pieces of furniture for their new bedrooms.

· Acquire their input on what they'd love to have in a new home. Clearly, they need to be reasonable, but tell them their thoughts matter. Ask about yards (trees, playhouses, area for a putting green), basements, rec rooms, along with other things that might be on their wish lists. When you view houses on the internet, show them what you prefer as well as what you do not--and express the reason why.

· Advertise unwanted belongings and split the earnings. Try various selling sites to determine which companies are the best. A good number of web pages require that sellers be 18 years old, therefore you will need to set the accounts up and handle the sale listings, however your teenagers might take the pictures, upload them, and prepare the product descriptions.

· Go the garage sale route and let them organize the tables and put price tags on things.

High School and College

These are the difficult years--it is not easy to move at any age, however it is particularly difficult for high schoolers. The good thing is that although they may be somewhat sad, they're old enough to accomplish a little heavy lifting whilst they pout. Here are several items your teenagers can perform to pitch in.

· Help with disassembling furniture.

· Smile and allow them to adorn their bedrooms completely like they want. They're moving out soon enough, and you could definitely paint over their choice.

· Get up in the attic space and get items down--teenagers are far more nimble than their parents (and the majority of professional movers will not enter the attic space).

· Drive loads of stuff to the second hand outlets or perhaps the dump. Pay for their gasoline and junk food on the way.

· Arrange journeys returning to visit buddies or go ahead and plan for pals to come visit.

· Permit them to sell their own things on the internet if they are over 18 and keep the proceeds.

· If you do a yard sale, allow them to handle the funds and the internet sales.

Be truthful--if you've got children attending college, it is completely likely that you've previously converted that bedroom into a workout room or an office. Whenever your college students are home on a break before you move, make sure they sort through all their old cartons of stuff--you will still have to move them, but perhaps they will purge enough to cut down on the quantity.

As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” We believe this applies perfectly to moving. Get the entire family involved and before you know it, you will be on your way to your new house. If you need help for any step of the way, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group in San Antonio a call!!


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