Moving Your Smart Home

Moving Your Smart HomeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to another home in San Antonio might be a stressful encounter. You box up everything you own and move it into a entirely different location. A proven way we make a different house in San Antonio seem more like home is to put up our treasured items. Your furniture that has traveled with you from home to home, drapes, and artwork all make a space feel more welcoming. Yet what to do regard your smart home?

Many people assume that after they move to San Antonio, their smart home will need to be completely re-set up in the different space. In fact, it's an all-new set of rooms along with different outlets and light fixtures. And they're going to have to connect to a whole new Wi-Fi network. Right? Shockingly, this isn't a fact. If you are one of the numerous folks who has produced an enjoyably reactive smart home from light bulbs and also neat gadgets, it is simpler to move your smart home than perhaps you believe.

Here is how to make it happen:

1. Wi-Fi

2.Equipment by Space

3.Set up by Labels

Keep Your Wi-Fi Network through the Move to San Antonio

The first thing you will need is to maintain your Wi-Fi network. You may be looking at your Wi-Fi as a component of your web service, that's location-based. Your Wi-Fi network is a distinct aspect, and it links all of your home devices. It comes from your Wi-Fi router, that has network ports and an antenna.

Smart devices hook up to this router and the name you gave the local network for example "Williams Home Internet". Should you use the same router whilst keeping the exact network label, your smart home platform (hubs included) should be able to promptly reconnect in the new space.

Tag Your Equipment by Room as well as Name

The next task is to retain the way your gadgets are employed by room. When you use smart lights, for example, you probably have them intuitively labeled. Such things as "Kitchen Light" and "Bedroom Light". When you pack these light bulbs (and make sure you switch out bulbs and take your smart bulbs with you!), label them with whatever their title is in your smart home app.

A similar concept is true for all titled smart products. Keep them categorized the identical manner by which you have them identified now, most likely by room. By doing this, you are making a guideline for yourself in reinstalling your smart home inside the new space. As opposed to winding up with a mess which needs to be relabeled and also assigned to function once more.

Stick to Your Own Guidance

Lastly, follow the instructions you left for yourself when you get to the new place. To begin with, get your internet plan set up. Arrange your very own Wi-Fi network the way it was organized previously so the device settings are still appropriate and will not have to be reset.

Subsequently, install the gadgets in accordance with their labels. Put your bedroom smart light in the socket in the new bedroom. Set up your kitchen equipment in the kitchen, your media units in the living room space and so on. Since we typically speak to our smart homes in terms of room and functionality, theoretically having a different home with the same kind of rooms still is effective.

If everything goes successfully, you won't even have to reassign your gadget categories and nifty smart routines.


Should you have previously set up a smart residence and may be moving to San Antonio in the future, moving your smart house is astonishingly straightforward. All you have to do is make sure all of the controls operate similarly in the new residence. And once your smart gadgets are back set up with your favorite friendly AI helper, the new residence should feel like home.

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