Remaining Cool During a Summer Move to San Antonio

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Here is a fun reality if you are moving this summer--close to 80% of moves in the US occur in July and August. The kids are out of school, and for quite a few households, it's just simpler to pack up and go when school's not in session. And even though it is very warm, you have a much better chance for the weather being a non-issue through the summer time. You'll be able to stay cool, both physically and mentally, by sticking to these basic tips for a summer season move to San Antonio.


Reserve Your Mover Early

That 80% number? They all will need moving trucks, and most of them have to have at the very least a rudimentary crew. It is never too early to start thinking about the logistics of your move--full service moving company in San Antonio, DIY, or somewhere in the middle? Proceed to commence contacting professional moving companies about schedules as well as quotes and choose as quickly as possible to be sure you're on their schedule.

Should you delay too long to employ a professional moving company--one that is accredited with the NTSB, holds full insurance on equipment as well as workers, and offers a full choice of services--you will wind up utilizing a lower-end organization that does not have the qualified designations and knowledge to complete the task.

Arrange Your Friends Ahead of Time, as well

Your friends will ask if they can offer you a hand with your packing. You should take them up on the offer--it will be a fantastic hangout time, and should you be taking apart an multimedia system or perhaps a playset, a lot of hands tend to be a necessity. Remember that it's summer for everyone and get on their schedules a few weeks out. This is especially significant in case your move is a DIY, determine your dates to pack and load early on.

Transfer Sensitive Belongings in Your Vehicle

Professional moving companies in San Antonio are able to wrap and safeguard delicate and valuable items so that they may move in safety to your new house. They understand the best packaging material for a specific treasure and are specialists in packing and balancing boxes. Consequently, it's not necessary to concern yourself with artwork, crystal, or china not making the journey.

Electronic devices, conversely, are an entirely different beast. The elements in televisions, computer systems, speakers, games consoles, and so on are extremely vulnerable to temperature and humidity and need to travel together with you, within an air-conditioned vehicle. Your mover company can help you package your devices so that they are protected against bruises and bumps, but the majority definitely will suggest you put them within your vehicle for transport.

Prescribed medicines also should travel along with you. Place the medications you need in transit in pill keepers and put the remainder of it in a baggie and put it within a handbag you are going to keep in the air-conditioned car.

Click HERE for an index of items which your professional movers are not able to transport.

Arrange an Early Day

Make an effort to schedule the difficult labor early in the day. The humidity ranges vary depending on which part of the country you're in, but the most extreme heat generally occurs close to 3 in the afternoon. If you can have the moving vans loaded close to 3 then everybody can get more comfortable in an AC equipped vehicle. In the event the move is a DIY, get the truck in the afternoon and load as much as you can before it becomes too dark, and then finish up the subsequent morning.

It is Similar to a Holiday to the Seaside. Kind Of.

Pack a tote with sun block, hats, bug spray, extra t-shirts, and shades to shield you against the burning rays of the summer time sun. Reapply sun block as instructed, and replace t-shirts if they are soaked and yucky.

Stay hydrated. After that hydrate more. Get cases of water bottles and place them in a cooler where everybody has access and supply them to the moving company team. They might normally have their own, yet on a very warm day more are always encouraged. Keep the beer for when you're unpacked and hydrated--alcohol, physical exertion, along with a very hot day are a recipe for a heat stroke.

Board Your Animals

Domestic pets will need relief from high temperature and emotional tension, therefore board them on moving day so they can be more at ease. Pick them up on your way out; be sure to make space in the vehicle for Fido.


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