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January 19, 2019

5 Packing Tricks That Make DIY Moving Easier

Packing Hacks

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
A few people move more often as opposed to others. Whilst there are numerous advantages to settling in one place, there are some distinct talents which come from moving regularly. After a certain quantity of moves, you discover ways to manage your boxes. You are able to wield a roll of tape as well as recognize how to distribute weight in cardboard cartons. But most significantly, you learn more than a couple of secrets that make relocating much easier.

Luckily, it's not necessary to move many times to understand these hints. Even if you're organizing your first big move far from home, some methods may streamline your moving process each and every time. Presently, we're here to present a few of the pro-tricks to help you to reduce both the expense and also stress of moving to San Antonio. From free of charge packing materials to carton labeling, if you're planning on going the "do-it-yourself" path regarding packing, the correct tactics can make a massive difference.

Wrap Breakables in Clothes

The first brilliant packing trick is to utilize as little packing material as you can. This can lower volume as well as save a little money on moving materials. Instead of packing peanuts and paper, consider wrapping your breakables in clean clothes instead. Socks, scarves, and also linens make great packing materials since they can cushion various delicate items quite successfully.

You may even put together your breakables and cold weather apparel by wrapping dishes or artwork in sweaters. Blankets as well as unused jackets can be used to wrap the outside of household furniture or various electronic devices (only ensure that zippers as well as buttons don't produce scratches). And it will save you the additional cartons to put the soft items. Fascinatingly, proficiency runs the opposite way, as well. Pans, bowls, and bins are excellent storage containers for smaller sized things...specifically groups of wrapped breakables.

This trick is primarily beneficial for anyone who is moving a short distance or intending to undertake the move to San Antonio yourself. If you're planning on hiring professional movers, they are going to re-check your packing of breakable items to make certain that they are safe to be sent inside the moving truck.

No charge Cartons from Deliveries

It's completely feasible to get every one of your moving cartons for free if you know where you should look as well as who to ask. Many moving guides suggest checking with shops for their gently used cartons. This is particularly helpful for heavy-duty cardboard boxes. At the same time, today's internet commerce marketplace provides yet another excellent road for no cost cartons: deliveries.

Many people need to buy a couple of things ahead of moving. Packing tape, coat hangers, plastic bins, as well as road trip snacks. Purchasing your supplies online will result in deliveries to your residence. Deliveries come in no cost strong cartons that can be used to put inside. Likewise, ask your friends, relatives and next door neighbors to keep boxes from their deliveries for you. If you start a couple months beforehand, you very well may have adequate cartons for all of your items by the time move time arrives.

Use Your Suitcases

Yet another excellent strategy to pack effectively is to use the containers you currently have. Tote bags, crates, and boxes are typical moving fare. However, did you know that it's also possible to use your luggage? Travel suitcases are extremely practical when packing for a move. They are built to preserve garments in good shape or can provide a cushioned location to pack oddly shaped things.

Packing your travel suitcases also makes them worthwhile for their volume inside the moving truck. Or, they can be used as first-access boxes to take belongings you will need throughout and also immediately after the move. On a applicable, but different note... Additionally you can make make-shift hanging bags by wrapping trash bags around groups of hanging clothes.

Design a Packing Plan

Packing to move concerns more than purely placing your belongings in cardboard boxes. You need to think about what you need to be packed last and what you need to unbox initially at your new residence. Items like clothes, toiletries, along with important cooking supplies ought to be accessible. Place them aside, box them last and keep them accessible after you arrive.

Pertaining to everything in the middle, box with unloading in mind. As an illustration, it is likely you would like to organize your bathroom quickly. Therefore, box all of your bathroom things like shower caddies, soap dispensers, and cleaning implements together in a single box which will make this simpler. Should you have stuff that won't be unpacked for months, consider deep storage straight away.

Label Everything Carefully

Finally, be precise regarding your labels. You will end up thanking yourself for it when unpacking later on. The last thing you want is to be slicing open every single box trying to find a missing item or necessities. Be incredibly exact with your carton labeling and list unique included categories. Do not, for example, tag 6 boxes "Kitchen". Instead, label them "Kitchen - Pans" "Kitchen - Plates and Utensils" "Kitchen - Pantry" and so forth.

It's also wise to keep kits and cabling together whenever you can. However, before you actually remove the first cord or wire, take a fast pic of the rear of the television set, DVD player, and so on should you require a reminder later of what cable goes where. Make use of zipper bags and tape whenever possible in order to group items together. Designate and keep the screws for your TV brackets in a bag attached to the television or designate one particular container as your "parts box" and precisely label and put all parts inside this designated box. Bind up power cables and tag them with whatever they are supposed to power. And also, needless to say, pack sets alongside one another. This will make it quicker to unbox on the other end.


You don't have to move every year of your life to be a moving pro. Being creative and acquiring knowledge as you go along are a component of the tradition. With these tactics and many others, you are able to significantly improve your moving experience. Streamline packing, minimize your load and make arrival that much easier.

Remember that the majority of professional movers are ready and capable to pack up as much or as little as you need, so foregoing most of the previously mentioned and just contacting your local professional mover can be the most beneficial packing hack of all!

For more moving helpful hints or an appointment to talk over your moving needs, contact A-1 Freeman Moving Group right away!


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