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January 21, 2023

Professional Packing Services: What You Need to Know

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
Professional movers often offer a range of related services which are created to help families with a smooth move. Some offer local storage, a few will help you move specific things, and the majority offer a professional packing service to pack-up residences on behalf of moving clients. As a professional moving company in San Antonio, A-1 Freeman Moving Group offers all of these services, and have assisted thousands of people enjoy a smooth, complete move thanks to these extra services.

We also field lots of questions in regards to professional packing and precisely it comprises. You might be thinking "Do I need help with packing?" and if so, what service do you require, and how should you arrange it? We're available to answer all the fundamental questions about a professional packing service for your next move to San Antonio.

Do You Need Help with Packing?

Packing your residence requires a lot of work. The majority of people will need at least two months of nights and weekends to get their belongings boxed, labeled, and completed for the moving company in San Antonio. Of course, not everybody is able to do their own packing - or finish all their packing on time. In the event packing boxes isn’t something you have the ability to do, or if your crazy schedule has zero room for packing, it is a great idea to reserve your packing service early.

People Who Often Times Need a Packing Service

If you think you might need a packing service, don't worry, you are not the only one. A lof of various types of people (and moves) need professional packing in order to make sure everything get done on time, and we are happy to provide that speedy bonus for your benefit. Following are a few very typical examples of people who frequently need all or some professional packing:

  • Those Who Run Out of Time
  • Parents of Young Children
  • Professionals Relocating on a Tight Schedule
  • Senior Citizens and Disabled Clients
  • People Who Don't Know How to Pack Fragile Items
  • Those Who Have Already Relocated

How Long Does Professional Packing Take?

Packing up a house normally requires between 3 and 12 hours, depending on the size of your residence and how many things you possess. As a rule of thumb, you can estimate that it should consume about two hours per room in your residence or more for extra-large and extra-cluttered areas. Remember the attic, garage, and basement, as well.

The ideal way to get a good estimate on packing your residence is an in-home walkthrough. A quick in-person or video tour of your home should help the moving company in San Antonio to accurately estimate how many hours and people it will take to pack your house within one or two days.

Complete vs Partial Packing Services

A complete packing service is when professional movers in San Antonio pack up your entire residence which includes your kitchen, closets, toiletries, office – all your belongings. However, you can also ask for a select packing service. Many people ask the moving company in San Antonio only to take care of furniture disassembly and wrapping to be certain it is done right. Some ask their movers just to pack dishes and breakable items, because movers know how it's done and can bring all the right materials.

Select packing services should make it possible to locate the best, most efficient method to get your house packed and moved by maximizing your own time and effort and the rapid expertise of your moving company in San Antonio.

What to Expect During Your Professional Packing

If you confirm a professional packing service, what should you expect? Professional packing typically takes about one and two days of work, usually scheduled back-to-back if the pack runs into a second day. Packers will begin to gently box all your items based on their location.

  • Packing One Room at a Time
    • Professional packing typically tackles one room at a time, and each and every box is labeled with both the contents and the room of origin. Packers will go shelf-by-shelf and section-by-section, packing boxes by item category (ex: clothes, shoes, electronics) so that rooms should be not too difficult to put back together when you are unpacking.
  • Providing Oversight and Consultation
    • During the packing process, you need to be available to provide oversight and answer questions. Packers may ask you regarding broken things, categories, or which labels to use. They could have certain questions about how you want them to pack certain things or rooms.
    • If you aren’t personally there, keep your phone with you to answer questions remotely, and you may need a proxy present in person.
  • Expert Packing and Specific Labeling
    • One of the greatest advantages of professional packing is that each box will be a perfect fit. Years of knowledge and all the right materials mean that your team gets how to pack a carton so that it will stack properly in the moving truck and unpack conveniently on arrival. They should additionally normally label your boxes so you should be able to uncover certain items and assemble rooms when you arrive.
  • Putting Boxes in an Easy-to-Load Location
    • The last step is stacking your boxes to get ready for the arrival of the moving van. You could ask the professional movers in San Antonio to leave cartons in the areas for which they were packed, or to place all the boxes in the garage for quick, efficient moving truck loading on moving day.

How Do You Make Sure You are Prepared for a Packing?

How do you prepare when professional packers are scheduled to be there soon? You can make the day less chaotic and the packing more organized with some preparation.

  • Finish All Dishes and Laundry
    • Make sure you have clean dishes and put away or hanging laundry if you are asking your professional movers in San Antonio to pack up the kitchen and also bedrooms.
  • Return Items to Their Proper Rooms
    • When the house is packed and also unpacked, it is usually completed by room. While you may not have to completely tidy up, putting belongings in their rightful space is a surefire way to ensure they wind up in the right carton.
  • Eat or Donate Pantry Goods
    • Clean out your pantry one way or the other. Challenge your family to create pantry-emptying meals and donate everything that is left. Apart from some spices and dry goods, there's no need to pack and move your food.
  • Make a List of Specialty Items
    • Lastly, create a list of any items you might be stressed about to chat about with your packing team.

Plan Your Professional Packing with A-1 Freeman Moving Group

When you have a big move on the horizon, you may not have the time or ability to do all the packing on your own - and that will be perfectly OK. Full-service professional movers in San Antonio like A-1 Freeman Moving Group offers professional packing services. Contact us today to talk about the packing services your move might need.


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