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April 01, 2024

Stress-free Moving for Seniors

getting ready for movingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

America is a society on the go: over thirty-two million of us moved to a new home in 2018; that amount signifies approximately 10% of the whole population. Senior citizens changing to new homes comprise a small yet significant part of people packing up and starting over inside new communities. A move to San Antonio is a period of both joy and also worry irrespective of family size and circumstances yet changing locations can present unique challenges for senior persons.

Tips on a stress-less senior moving event

1) Begin arranging well in advance of moving day

A number of elements go into the assessment of when and where to move: wellbeing, the need for an adjustment of scenery or type of housing, living cost, the chance to travel or even the desire to be nearer (or perhaps farther from) family along with acquaintances. A selection of a new residence includes ease of access to shopping, health clinics, transportation, recreation, and cultural centers. Study places of interest. Look at prevailing local weather patterns, facilities, politics, as well as public amenities included in the decision. Many local newspapers are currently online, and it is beneficial reading through several days' worth to have a perception of daily living in a prospective new hometown.

2) Inform members of the family of the conclusion

Keep family members up to date on the arranging of the move. Their engagement can help alleviate the strain as well as their suggestions, notably from those with moving experience, will be invaluable to steer away from pricey and also preventable problems.

3) Prioritize what the new community needs to be right for you

Compare your present area to the ones being considered. What do you cherish in relation to where you reside at this moment? What must have improvement? Subsequently create a pro vs. con list. Are there factors you love so much that you would pay more to have them? Are there items you just are not able to tolerate, regardless of how much you enjoy whatever else in regards to the area? There is not a perfect spot, but many are excellent; the bottom line is choosing the one which balances best with your senior lifestyle.

4) Get to know the new area with a visit and/or rental initially

Prior to deciding to invest your hard earned money into a property or residence or pay 2 months' security down payment, do a short-term rental, a vacation or stay close by with friends or family and do a trial run of a new area. Stay awhile, walk, go shopping, have dinner, and connect with people, discover the social norms as well as politics, and pay attention to what it really costs to live there.

5) Declutter, donate, recycle, sell

You've made the choice to move forward, now organize and clean before you pack up. Declutter and give, sell off, or recycle anything you no longer really need, want, or is not going to fit in the new abode. Through doing this, your professional moving company in San Antonio will likely have significantly less to move, which will reduce your total cost to move.

6) Fix it, clean it, paint it, or accept it: fixes vs. remodels

Make decisions regarding what to repair or replace as you get your old residence in a position sell or start preparing to vacate your apartment. Straightforward fixes are usually undertakings including holes from the pictures about the wall surfaces should be filled in, scratched walls painted, baseboards wiped clean, the refrigerator rinsed, as well as the oven scoured. Significant renovations could lead to a better resale on the house, however some makeovers may backfire if they're outdated by contemporary buyers' standards or so expensive you'll never get back the cost.

7) Self-pack vs assistance to pack: lifting, loading, and allowing somebody else to get it done

Recognize your limitations and keep your lists on hand. Getting injured whilst packing up is not a way to begin a different life. The lists will allow you to remember how many boxes you have and what is filled in every one, so that you don't set pots and pans in the laundry room upon arriving at your new abode. Honor your body's potential to work countless hours carrying and labeling a multitude of cardboard boxes and grant yourself the assistance of a professional moving company in San Antonio.

8) The function of the professional movers

As a professional mover, A-1 Freeman Moving Group in San Antonio is here to help you get from where you are to where you want to be, in a safe manner and efficiently. We specialize in the senior moving experience and our just about half-century in the field ensures that whatever move you make, should it be to a smaller home, retirement neighborhood or even an international location will incorporate careful packing and unloading, cargo tracking, furniture and appliance installation, and also safeguard of flooring surfaces, wall space, banisters, and also furnishings. Contact us for your free quote and we'll move you down the road to your future new house.


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