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January 29, 2019

Tips for Moving to San Antonio in Icy Conditions

Moving in Icy Conditions

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
Moving throughout the months of winter may be dangerous to you as well as your possessions if you are not careful. Slippery surfaces, bad field of vision, and wet weather all can lead to trips, falls, and damage to your things. Luckily, you can actually help avoid injuries and harm to your property using the appropriate organizing. Following are six basic safety techniques for moving during wintry weather conditions.

1) Time your move carefully

Do your very best to schedule your move for lower-traffic days of the week. This plan can help you prevent accidents upon snow-covered streets and cut back time going back and forth to your moving destination. Typically, Mondays are the optimal times to drive in the U.S. whilst Fridays are the worst.

2) Cover your walkways and driveways

More than one million people are hurt annually as a consequence of trips and tumbles. During winter periods, these particular injuries increase substantially. You'll be able to help avoid slips and falls by coating your pathways and driveways with ice melt or possibly a snow melt mat. Before applying salt or a snow melt mat, you can use a leaf blower to blow away all top sheets of snow.

3) Stock your moving vans with an emergency kit

Putting an urgent care kit within your vehicle is an excellent safety measure, specially when wintertime weather is expected. The usual vehicle emergency kit normally contains a compact first aid kit, protective gear, along with a modest amount of water and food.

4) Check your moving vans prior to going

Adequately looking after your moving trucks is essential to making sure that you get to your new residence safely and securely. Prior to going, be sure you double check your gas, engine oil, along with windshield washer fluid quantities to be positive you have ample fluids. On top of that, take a look at your tire pressure to make sure the tires are adequately inflated. During the winter time, it's a good idea for your tires to be 3-5 PSI higher than normal to take into account sluggish response times.

5) Practice safe winter weather operating procedures

When operating a moving truck upon slick streets, you should use careful attention. Here are some guidelines to help you carefully navigate the streets to your new house:

• Reduce your speed: Virtually all vehicle safety firms report speed reduction as one of the best methods to steer clear of incidents.

• Do not tailgate: Raising the gap in between you and the vehicle in front of you to 8 to 10 seconds can help eliminate incidents

• Do not utilize cruise control: Making use of cruise control on slick surfaces might cause your motor vehicle to lose road contact

• Steer clear of difficult hills: Snowy or icy slopes might cause moving vehicles to lose traction and slip backward, resulting in crashes

Of course, if you have hired professional movers to assist you, they will handle maneuvering the moving van on the snow and icy highways, and you'll only need to get yourself and family to your new residence safely.

6) Do not try to move during a winter weather advisory

A delicate dusting of snow and isolated sections of ice are one thing. However a winter weather advisory needs to be considered seriously. In case a winter weather warning is issued close to you, don't ignore it. Reschedule your move to an alternative date when weather conditions are anticipated to improve.

What's the best route to moving to San Antonio safely at the time of icy conditions?

By following the guidelines in this article, you can help establish less dangerous moving conditions. However, the one very best method to a safe move in wintry conditions is to ask for the expertise of a reliable moving company. The moving professionals with A-1 Freeman Moving Group have assisted home owners as well as companies move to San Antonio efficiently during winter weather for years. Whether you are preparing for a long-distance move or a nearby one, we will help make certain you along with your items arrive unharmed at your new residence. We encourage you to contact us immediately for a no cost estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!


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The Mickelson Family
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